3 common website mistakes

Sep 8, 2021

Here are three things that you might be doing wrong on your website if you’re a small business owner

You have to wear SO MANY hats as a business owner, but one of the most difficult can be pretending to be a web designer if you have no experience in that field. I’m here to help you fix a few really simple, but impactful things on your website. Here they are:

State what you do and who you serve immediately on your home page.

A potential customer that comes to your website shouldn’t have to scroll more than once before they’re hit with how you’re going to help them.

Make your about page interesting and don’t JUST state the obvious.

If you’re a photographer, don’t you dare use “I love photographing people and have been attached to my camera since I was 13” as the MEAT of your about page. I would hope you love photographing people if this is your job! Tell your audience something outside if the duh category about yourself. If you think people don’t care about random details of your life, let me just tell you that you’re believing a lie my friend! Everyone is longing for connection. Let your obsession with cheese curds be the reason someone wants to book you over Ashley down the street.

Put your email address somewhere on your website.

Your email doesn’t need to be massive or flashy, but make sure it shows up somewhere on your website. Technology fails all the time and I can’t tell you the number of times that my contact form as malfunctioned over the years, but luckily my potential clients had access to my email address so I never lost business over it.

If you don’t want to put it on your contact page, you could place it quietly in your about section under a photo or in the footer of your website.

There you have it, friends! Three easy fixes for some big impact. Cheering for you!

XO, Kiana



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