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Sep 8, 2021

A little about me, my family and how Kiana Grant Coaching came to be.

Hello friends!

Wow, it feels like such a treat to have you in this space of mine on the internet. I don’t take lightly the privilege of your time. There are a lot of voices talking out in the world right now, but I treasure the opportunity to use mine to encourage you.

Since you’ve made it to this blog, I’m assuming you know at least a little bit about who I am. I’ll fill in some of the gaps in case you don’t:

  • I’m married to this hottie named Grant. He’s good at everything he touches. It’s annoying when competing against him, but the best because I always get first dibs as his teammate 😉
  • We have two kiddos – Maisy is 3 and Nash is 18 months. They keep us busy and bring so much joy to our lives!
  • Within the last year we moved from Des Moines, IA (where we were for the first five years of our marriage) to the twin cities in Minnesota. We built a house not far from both of our families and love spending our free time making it feel like home, one DIY project at a time!
  • I’ve been photographing weddings for the last six years and have a team of photographers that serve couples on their wedding days for me. Our crew is small but mighty and we get to work with the BEST couples!

It’s news to absolutely no one that the year 2020 was a wake up call for a lot of people. I wouldn’t say the pandemic was the primary reason for starting this business, but through a lot of reflection (as a result of living through 2020), I started to really dive deep into what and who I want to spend my time and energy serving with my work. I’ve spent years building an amazing photography business that I’m completely satisfied with, but I have grown immensely passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs do the same. The biggest passion of mine is to come alongside you in the growth process so you can start prioritizing your presence at home as much as your business goals.

I truly believe you can create a business you love and find the clients you want without sacrificing the life you live.

So, I started putting in the hard work of creating coaching experiences that touch on some of the biggest pain points of being your own boss AND trying to be an amazing mom/wife/friend/neighbor/etc. I’ve created structured solutions with systematic changes so you can start thriving in more than just business sales.

One of my favorite things in life is making new friends!!!! I can’t wait to get to know you and learn about how I can serve you best! If you ever have any questions at all, feel free to reach out – I can’t wait to chat!

If you’re in to Insta, I hang out over there all the time. Come join the party!

XO, Kiana



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