You need personalized coaching and assessment on balancing business and life so you can truly step into your calling and make a better impact without sacrificing time with your loved ones!

Get ready to say goodbye to:

- Unhealthy work schedules and lack of boundaries that cause your relationships to suffer
- The migraine you get from editing sneak peeks til’ 2:30 am
- Feeling guilty about not accomplishing every single item on your to-do list
- Eating lunch at 2 pm
- And guilt...a lot of it!

Kiana here.

Every intentional business starts with solving a problem. 


I educate, equip, and empower creatives like you to break the cycle of overwhelm and build a business that supports your life well. 

Intentional marketing, business organization, and team building come naturally to me, but I've come to realize that these are not intuitive strengths for many creative entrepreneurs. 

After running a thriving, profitable photography business with a team of 4 associates for 6 years, I decided to use my strengths and experience to help you serve your clients well, scale your business to the next level, and fall in love with your work again.

Your business should enrich your life.

these are a few of my favorite things


Designing unique ways to make our house feel more like home + executing the vision with my handy (+ handsome) hubby. DIY date nights for the win!



Giving our kids opportunities to see the world. We love to travel and have not let our kiddos "hold us back" from doing so. More work? For sure. Worth it? FOR SURE.



THRIFTING! There is nothing more satisfying than finding a quality item and paying a fraction of what it's worth. I use thrifting as a break for my mind when I'm in busy season. Kids snack and watch shows in the stroller - no shame haha



Good design + yummy typography. I have my BA in Graphic Design. I was already running a successful photography business by the time I graduated so I never pursued the career in GD, but I'll always appreciate the beauty of it!



Being married to my best friend. We've known each other since somewhere in the middle to high school years. Started dating while he was in college and I was in high school - it's been a blast ever since! I love life with my guy!



Camping. Somewhere between tent with no electricity and full motorhome is my sweet spot. Give me a meal cooked over a fire and I'm a.... happy camper ;) See what I did there? (I'll let myself out.)

Dressing my kids. I shed a tear at the age when they start having opinions hahaha



We’re entrepreneurs because we want to serve people, express our talents and passions, and have financial resources to give more and bless others. 

But if your business is taking over your life and you feel like you’re on a struggle bus trying to manage everything yourself, it’s time to get off!

It’s time to release control and ask for help. 

It’s time to choose family movie nights over late-night hustle! 

It’s time to ditch the guilt and shame of not doing enough. 

There’s a way you can have a thriving business without being in it 24/7/365. 

What I stand for

Speak truth to encourage and inspire 
Meet people where they’re at 
It’s okay to ask for help
Honesty is the best policy 
Do work with excellence to bring Him glory and bless others 


Life of kiana

the not so secret